All That She Wants

Whats good about working with SoundSnobz's IceKream, He trust me with the artwork, he lets me go crazy with whatever ideas I have, which a luxury you never actually acquire as an Artist/Graphic Designer. But this always allow me to push boundaries with my illustrations, Inspired by Roy Lichtenstein's work, I've actually went through the same process, sampled one comic panel for the artwork, it felt like I was Channeling Lichtenstein's spirit while doing the illustration. designed in the middle of the power crisis in Egypt, where the power cut off for 2 hours every 2 hours, this was such an inspiration for me Experimenting with new colors, I went for the "Glow in the Dark" Green with alot and alot of dark colors, which was really the challenge, I had to create the illustration with the darkest colors I've countered. I really loved the final product.
it inspired me to create the "Embrace The Dark" Series.
What Really helped me during the process, is the song itself, I can only say. I Found Soul in it.
JUST DONT © 2014
Based on the artwork made for the "All That She Wants" Single cover
La Chooch (18+)
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Based On a True Story (Album Cover)
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2PAC - ETERNAL LEGEND (Album Artwork)
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