Karama, Where to? Exhibition | Amman, Jordan

"Pharaoh with a Vendetta? Come appreciate the dark humor and clean mystique of Marwan Shahin, just one of the brilliant graphic artists showing in "Dignity, Where To?" -- @Alhoush's exhibition of contemporary visual arts capturing the spirit of resistance in our radically shifting world. Starting Tuesday December 11 at the Royal Cultural Center Main Hall." -Alhoush About "The 2Vth"
My Artwork was featured in the Karama Human Rights Film Festival 2012, “Dignity, Where To?" – an exhibition of the freshest contemporary illustration, graphic design, and political cartoon art from artists across the Arab world.
An intimate gallery show focused on mediums of resistance, "Dignity, Where To?" lets emerging artists from the Middle East and North Africa add their voices to the international conversation on human dignity in our radically changing world. It also sheds new light on the recent massive political upheavals in the region.

Showing at Amman's Royal Cultural Center from Tuesday, December 11 until Saturday, December 15, 2012.
The 2Vth
Born to Ride
Both of my Prints are for sale
The 2Vth - 420$
Born To Ride - 480$
for More information please visit : https://www.facebook.com/AlhoushCommunity
The Misguided
Rihanna (Marwan Shahin X Mbroidered)
Embrace The Darkness
The Ass-tronauts (18+)
Marilyn Mysterio
Fairouz HABIBI
DiverCity Poster
One Man's Trash / Another Man's Treasure
D.D. (Demise Doll)
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